List of officers

Director (As of June 26, 2024)

President and Representative Director, President Corporate Officer Chief Executive Officer
Toru Noda  

Top Message

Director, Senior Managing Corporate Officer, Chief Transformation Officer
Masateru Kawanishi
Outside Director
Yukio Kubota
Outside Director
Kenji Chishiki
Outside Director
Miki Mitsunari
Outside Director
Miho Tanaka

※Outside directors Kenji Chishiki and Miki Mitsunari and Miho Tanaka are independent officers.

Corporate Auditors (As of June 26, 2024)

Full-time Corporate Auditor
Masami Nishino
Outside Corporate Auditor
Horonori Yokote
Outside Corporate Auditor
Kanae Fukushima
Outside Corporate Auditor
Tsukasa Okamoto

*Outside auditors Hironori Yokote and Kanae Fukushima are independent officers.